Third-party xvi executables

Third-party binaries and unofficial ports have sprung up on the web, mostly for early versions. If you can update them or provide others, please do so and write.

O/Sxvi versionFilesNotes
Amiga 2.15 • README
• xviser.lha
HP-UX 2.48 • for PA-RISC
• for Itanium
2.19 • for PA-RISC From
Linux 2.49 • 32-bit tarball
• 64-bit tarball
• i386 Debian package
• amd64 Debian package
Official xvi binaries
2.48 armel Debian package Official xvi binary
2.19 xvi.tgz An i386 ZMAGIC executable from
MSDOS 2.47.1 From Kent Nassen
2.49 From Henrik Ullman
OS/2 2.15 With German and French translations
Released: August 1995
Windows NT 2.15 Source code for Windows NT 3.1 and higher
From and
With an RCS trail of modifications to nt.c by "Brian" 1994-02-16.

There used to be an extended version of 2.19, "sxvi", called xvi-sjis on, which handles Japanese SJIS. Its source code is here and on

There are a couple of binary file editors called XVI that are not xvi:

Martin Guy <>, 29 January 2016.