Third-party xvi executables

Third-party binaries and unofficial ports have sprung up on the web, mostly for early versions. If you can update them or provide others, please do so and write.

O/Sxvi versionFilesNotes
Amiga 2.15 • README
• xviser.lha
HP-UX 2.50.3 • for PA-RISC
• for Itanium
2.19 • for PA-RISC From
Javascript 2.50.3 JSXvi Sébastien Mignot's port runs xvi in a web browser
Linux 2.50.3 • 32-bit tarball
• 64-bit tarball
• i386 Debian package
• amd64 Debian package
Official xvi binaries
2.48 armel Debian package Official xvi binary
2.19 xvi.tgz An i386 ZMAGIC executable from
MSDOS 2.50.3 Official xvi binary
2.49 From Henrik Ullman
2.47.1 From Kent Nassen
OS/2 2.15 With German and French translations
Released: August 1995
Windows NT 2.15 Source code for Windows NT 3.1 and higher
From and
With an RCS trail of modifications to nt.c by "Brian" 1994-02-16.

There used to be an extended version of 2.19, "sxvi", called xvi-sjis on, which handles Japanese SJIS. Its source code is here and on

There are a couple of binary file editors called XVI that are not xvi:

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