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The smallest full-function vi text editor clone

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Xvi is a portable multi-window version of the UNIX editor ‘vi’, derived from "STEVIE" in the 1980s.

The program was originally developed for the Atari ST, but has been ported to UNIX, MS-DOS, OS/2 and QNX as well. In spite of its name, there is, as yet, no X-Windows-specific version of it.

It uses text windows separated by horizontal status lines on character mode displays and the windows may represent different files being edited, or different views on to the same file.

Xvi is the vi clone with the smallest program size and memory use.
  Program size under x86 Linux
Text Data BSS Total When running
xvi 99071 6748 3592 109447 1572 KB
elvis 274083 21272 14420 309775 1800 KB
nvi 339552 6336 6556 352444 1732 KB
vile 389660 5920 41004 436584 3116 KB
vim 1196120 67820 24408 1288348 6412 KB

Other documents

The source tarball contains the following documents; I have only HTML'd the most important one.

Source code

You can download the source code from the xvi sourceforge project site.

Third-party executables and old source code

See the Contrib page.


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